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Killington student shares her Norway immersion

posted Sep 30, 2010, 7:03 AM by jon curtis
This year we have a Rotary member's daughter taking advantage of one of the opportunities availible in Rotary of spending a year studying abroad and living with Rotary host families.  She's writing about her experiences in a blog at  Rotary exchange programs are aimed to further world peace by exposing young people to different cultures around the world through a study abroad year around age 16-17.  Spectacular photos are included of the Norwegian countryside.

Here's an excerpt:
"If there are any future exchange students reading this, listen closely
: what people say about rollercoaster emotions while on exchange is TOTALLY TRUE.  Sometimes you cry for no reason.  Sometimes being asked to go over someone's house can drastically change your day for the better, whereas at home it would be a normal occurrence.  Sometimes watching a little girl with her father at the dance studio makes you want to call home and hear your father's voice again.  Sometimes you don't feel homesick at all for a few weeks!  Sometimes you mess up your new morning routine and feel like the day will follow in the mess.  Sometimes you laugh one second and the next you cry.  Sometimes, it feels like a rollercoaster ride."