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ShelterBox Highlighted

posted Aug 26, 2010, 8:39 AM by jon curtis

One of Rotary’s international projects is ShelterBox:  disaster relief kits sent to respond to earthquake, volcano, flood, tsunami, typhoon, conflict and other disasters. Depending upon the location and nature of the disaster, the contents of the box may vary. Typically each box contains a 10 person tent, bedding, cooking utensils, a multi –fuel stove, tools, water purification supplies, survival equipment and even a children’s pack containing drawing and writing supplies. The box itself is a tough waterproof plastic container that has been used for a variety of purposes from water and food storage to a crib for a newborn baby.  Since the inception of the ShelterBox project in 2000, Rotary International has deployed thousands of ShelterBoxes to disasters on every continent.  To date 22,000 of the boxes, providing shelter to 220,000 people, have been sent to Haiti alone. 

In 2009, ShelterBox launched an official partnership with The Scout Association, offering the opportunity to engage scouts with worldwide issues such as natural disasters, manmade conflict and humanitarian aid.  ShelterBox has a history of working with the Scout Association in disaster response, with local scout groups assisting in the transportation and distribution of ShelterBoxes along with setting up tent camps. Scout groups also fundraise for ShelterBox, and engage in ShelterBox activities..