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The ICE is OUT!

posted Apr 18, 2013, 1:39 PM by jon curtis
The Killington-Pico Rotary Club is awarding a $1,575 prize pool to three lucky winners of the third annual Ice-Out Contest .  The objective of the contest was to guess the exact month, day and time that a 72 pound block of concrete fell through the ice on the Summit Pond.  The ice went out in the late hours of April 15.  Unfortunately the clocks did not record the actual time due to a malfunction of the mechanism.   Given the window of time between official observations of the Ice-Out hut, three contestants predicted times that were potential winners.   The Ice-Out committee decided that the prize pool of $1,575 should be shared equally among these contestants.  The winners are:   Bruce Kimball of Rye, New Hampshire; Dale O. Gray of Killington, VT; and Signy Roberts of Ashburn, Virginia.  Each winner will receive $525. 

The Ice-Out Contest raised a matching sum of $1,575 which will be distributed to local charities along with other funds that the club has raised throughout the year.   The club would like to thank all who bought tickets this year and the contest sponsors:   The Mountain Times, Casella Waste Systems, Lavalley’s Building Supply, Curtis Educational Group, The Greenbrier Inn and Gift Shop, Peak Performance Ski Shop, Prestige Real Estate, and the Snow Angel Tavern.  Special thanks also to the businesses who hosted ticket sales boxes:     Domenic’s Pizzeria, Forerunner Ski Shop, The Foundry at Summit Pond, Killington Deli, Liquid Art, Moguls, On the Rocs, Pasta Pot, Peak Performance Ski Shop, Summit Lodge, Sun Up Bakery and Sushi Yoshi.