2014 Ice-Out Contest

Last Day to Purchase Tickets Approaching Fast.
Sunday, April 13th
will be last day to purchase tickets.

My name is Chilly, and I am the mascot of the
Killington-Pico Rotary Ice-Out Contest. 

Join in the fun, and purchase your tickets Today! 1 guess is only $5

You could win up to $20,000*

Thank you. Chilly  

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2014 Sponsors
 Gold Silver  Bronze 
  Teddy Arbo, Toys for Tots
LaValley Building Supply Inc.
Curtis Educational Group
Summit Lodge
SP Land Company
      Peak Performance Ski Shop
      Farrell Distributing
      Greenbrier Inn & Gift Shop

Currently tickets are on sale online or at the following Killington establishments

Liquid Art  Sun Up Bakery   Forerunner Ski Shop
The Foundry at Summit Pond
 Boss Ofice Works Summit Lodge
Killington Deli
Peak Performance Ski Shop
Domenic's Pizza
Santa Fe Steakhouse
Chalet Killington
 Inn Of The Six Mountains
*Limited by Vermont State Law

To view the 2011 Channel 3 News coverage on the contest,
click the photo below and the video will start.


The Killington-Pico Rotary Club each year engages in several fund raising projects, such as a golf tournament, football tickets, building Adirondack ski chairs, Christmas tree sale, etc. The proceeds from such events help Killington-Pico Rotary to fund its charities and local projects. 
Our Ice-Out Contest returns to the Summit Pond (formerly the Grist Mill Pond). The object of the contest is for the ticket purchaser to guess the month, day, hour and minute that the ice will ‘go out’ on the pond in the spring. The moment of Ice-Out is determined when a 72-pound concrete block located in the Hut drops through the melting ice in the spring.
A timing device will determine the exact moment of Ice-Out.

This is a 50/50 event meaning that 50% of the proceeds (up to $20,000*) will be the winning prize, and the remainder will go toward the club’s charities and projects. New this year, all non-winning tickets will be entered into a raffle for additional prizes.  
* Limited  By Vermont State Law


To Enter Online, Click Here


At ticket sales box locations (listed above) complete a ticket and place your ticket and money in the provided envelope, and deposit in the official sales box slot. Make checks payable to Killington-Pico Rotary.

One guess for $5.00
Three Guesses for $10
Seven Guesses for $20

Sample Ticket Below:

  1. Ice-Out is the exact time that a 72-pound concrete block drops through the ice as determined
    by a timing device. Closest to the exact time of Ice-Out determines the winner. If there is a tie,
    the winners will share the winning prize equally.
  2. Complete this entry ticket. Insert ticket and money in the envelope provided,
    and deposit it in the official entry box slot.
  3. You may submit 1 guess for $5, 3 guesses for $10 or 7 guesses for $20.
    Please fill out the ‘total $ enclosed’ field.
  4. Guesses may also be purchased online: Click Here
  5. Tickets on sale until a date posted at sales locations and online at www.killingtoniceout.com,
    usually in early Spring. Final .determination of eligibility to be made by the Ice-Out Committee.
  6. Ticket purchasers must be at least 18 years of age.
  7. In the event that any unforeseen occurrence (malicious act, tampering, act of nature, or otherwise)
    makes it impossible to determine the exact time of Ice-Out, one winner will be determined by
    drawing one winning ticket in lottery fashion.
  8. All decisions of the Ice-Out Committee are final.
  9. New this year: all non-winning tickets will be entered into a raffle for additional prizes.

Ice-Out History on The Summit Pond: 

2011 Ice went out on 4/15
2012 Ice went out on 3/19
2013 Ice went out on 4/16